Workshop "Future of Materials in European Design and Architecture", 25th September 2014, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Oslo (Norway)


Thursday, September 25, 2014

The last InnoMatNet event took place in Oslo (Norway), on September 25th at DoGA, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture.

This event shared and discussed architecture and design challenges on its value chain concerning innovative materials and processes. To achieve this goal, InnoMatNet invited talented actors: designers, architects, researchers, engineers and innovators, to dialog with you in a dynamic process. All together, we were challenged to map the problematics and ideal practices, and discussed, shared new feasible ideas, tracked that could bring a relevant material innovation into a meaningful scalable design.


The agenda of the event is available at: http://innomatnet.eu/events/workshop_10/agenda.pdf

Bjørn Petter Jelle, Chief Scientist / Professor, SINTEF, NTNU
Mats Broden, Founder, Bioinspired Forum
Marcin Wojcik, Architect & Research fellow, AHO
Svein Lund, Architect, Lund Hagem
Mark Bowers, Materials Engineer, ARUP London
Torgrim Eggen, Head of Design, HIOA

Pictures of the event: